Wednesday, August 26, 2009

To Maryland, to Maryland...

we went last weekend!

The draw was college friends: Dave & Axon and their new (to us) baby Rowan, and Sarah & Zeb (who we just can't get enough of!).

On Saturday, we went up to an orchard in Pennsylvania and picked peaches. Then we had a picnic lunch at a nearby vineyard and tasted some of their fruit wines (made from apples and raspberries rather than grapes).

Need I say - there was a lot of laugher!

On Sunday, we canned some of the peaches, which I was pretty excited about. It's probably been ten years since I've done any canning, and I have been dying to do some this summer (and our lack of storage for supplies or finished product pretty much rules out me doing any for us).

And then, there was this little guy who loves pushing around his matchbox cars, reading his Trucks Roll book, and mimicking his dad. The whole weekend was full of playing and laughing with him!


Sarah said...

Oh what great pictures you got! We had so much fun with you, wish we could do it again this weekend :)

Axon Parker said...

Thanks again Mel, for the coming and for the canning! The peaches look beautiful and all seem solidly sealed despite the lack of audible pops! I have made two batches of jam and I think I'll just going to freeze the rest. I do have a canning list for apple season and I'm so glad you jumpstarted my canning career! BTW, Rowan loved looking at these pictures and has been asking for "Me-nee-nee" all day, grinning like crazy whenever he sees your picture. I guess you made an impression!