Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pictures from Last Weekend

Just a few pictures -

We had a pretty full weekend. Sunday, as you know, we went up to Maine. Traffic was stop and go on the way up, so we ended up only having about two and a half hours there. We enjoyed the trip - but wow - I forgot how stressful it is to drive when there's lots of traffic!

While up there, I ate lobster, and Brian ate his one seafood dish: clam chowder. Then we drove up along an incredibly crowded beach to a photogenic lighthouse.

And all this was after a full day on Saturday. The summer is wrapping up, so we are rushing around trying to do all the things we have been wanting to do! On Saturday, we started by going to a little pastry shop I've been wanting to try. Brian had a hazlenut roll. How nice to have a husband who doesn't mind doing this sort of thing with me! Of course, it didn't hurt that he LOVED the hazlenut roll.

Then we walked down to the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum, which is a museum created by a lady who traveled the world and collected art. When she received her inhertiance, she built a museum for her collection and stipulated nothing in it could be changed.

They don't allow photography inside the museum, but it was lovely. She integrated a lot of her collection into the building by actually using the things she collected (such as arches and columns and fireplaces and rugs) to create spaces. My favorite part of the whole museum, though, was a huge courtyard rising up through the center of the building.

OK. That's all for now because I'm packing my bags this evening for another trip...


Axon Parker said...

Lucky us!!!!! For we are your next trip!!!!

Sarah said...

I was hoping you would get your fill of lobster when you were up there. I am jealous. And excited to see you TOMORROW!

JoAnna James said...

It seems so funny to see a lobster on a fast food tray.

meg said...

she sounds like the east coast's version of Hurst (as in Hurst Castle)
bummer you couldn't take pictures.
And I second Sarah, Lobster in Maine!! wow.

yellowinter said...

i really like isabella stewart gardner too, but i'd wished that it would be better lit. my favorite part was the courtyard as well. :)
it's wonderful that you and brian have been able to enjoy the summer. hope you'll pack in more fun in the next couple weeks.