Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Project Dresser

The last six boxes are finally out of our living room with the purchase of the project dresser. Those last stubbern boxes held "unnecessities": projects I moved to Boston with us, because 'they're not going to get done in Oregon!' and 'Brian's going to be in grad school; I'm going to have a lot of free time.'

The drawers sort the projects, in order of apperance,
1) my ungodly amount of stationary,
2) my stamp collecting supplies,
3) my scrapbooking supplies,
4) all the pictures from my lifetime to put into those scrapbooks, and
5) my sewing supplies.

This past year, I wrote a few letters and worked on my stamps a couple of times. But those boxes were such a pain to get into! Now whenever I want something, I just pull open a drawer. Don't ask how much I've done since we got the dresser. No need to get all discouraged just two weeks into the school year!


Sarah said...

That's a really good idea. I have the same problem and everything is stuffed, hard to get at in a closet. It does seem that if it was easy to access it'd be easy to work on in snippets of time. I'll start scouring Craigslist now for a project dresser :)

Robby said...

Great idea, Melanie!

meg said...

this is a totally great idea, i had this idea once and bought a dresser for 5 bucks at a thrift store, but alas, when I got it home and filled the drawers, I realized that the drawers didn't open with ease filled to the brim, cause i discovered they were not the original drawers and therefore stuck and wouldn't open...I forgot about the good part of the idea and left it as a failure, but now I see the right way to do it...I think I shall revisit the idea.

okay. the end. that was insanely long sorry.