Saturday, September 13, 2008

Think this'll fly?

Recently, I've gotten into my mind the idea that I ought to have a tea party.

This idea came about because I've been thinking that I ought to have people (as opposed to persons) over to our house. Other than three occasions, two of them being visiting family and one nearly so, we have only had one 'non-Brian or Melanie' person in our house at a time.

Specifically, I've been thinking we ought to have the people in our small group over, because we've enjoyed their hospitality so many times. However, the idea of having over the whole small group is ludicrous. There wouldn't be enough room for anyone to turn around. So, I was thinking I should just limit my people to the ladies in the group. That brings me down to about seven.

And what to do with them? Share some tea, of course!

However, several of the ladies in our group have babies under six months old, and from what I understand about little babies, they don't take to being away from mom for long. So, I decided I should invite the ladies with their babies.

This idea came to me a few weeks ago, but today, I was thinking more about the logistics of this idea - about how I could fit everyone into our living room. Then I started thinking about those baby carriers! Where would we put the babies??? Immediately, this scene from Little House in the Big Woods flashed into my mind:

Think the modern mother would go for this?


Marianne Elixir said...

If they're really all that little and swaddle-able, I'd go for it =)
Perhaps just clear a floor space with some fun measuring cups and various chewable non-chocking hazards (and chances are the moms will bring toys) and you're good to go. Can the carriers sit outside the door?

Ps - Eugene misses you too, and I got to see your sister-in-law today as I gained a brother-in-law!

sufferingsummer said...

If I were the modern mother at your house I'd totally go for it:) but then as previously expressed in my preschool post I'm not so much the modern mother...I'd maybe call one of the mothers and ask her opinion. Kudos to you for even wanting to invite them over:)

sufferingsummer said...

ok so I just read your entire blog...can't believe I didn't find it until now! Anyway I just realized I don't have your email address. Could you email it to me at my full first and last name along with your physical address so I can send you a tiny little something or other?

I'm so glad you have a blog.