Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Unexpected benefits

I began this blog on Friday night. While setting it up, I decided to add the Blog List tool, which displays the latest post on the blogs on a list of blogs that I read. Unbeknownst to me, this is a very new Blogger tool.

I began this blog because I love reading friends' blogs. However, as much as I like to keep up on them, sometimes I forget about one or another and have to spend an evening catching up on a few weeks of posts. It's always nice to find one has something interesting to read; but still, something that notifies you sooner, like that thing they call RSS is supposed to do, would be nice!

Well, now with this tool, I can take 'figuring out RSS feeds' off my 'to do' list! I just have to go peek at my blog to see if anyone else has found it yet, and when my face becomes downcast from no comments (but not quite none no more - thanks Sarah!), my face is suddenly brightened when I look to the right and find a new post from you. So, please, keep on posting!


Sarah said...

I don't know how to do the RSS feed thing. I should figure that out too. I think you need to come here and show me.

meg said...

get ready, here's the second best thing to the blog thing from blogger. It's called google's tremendous. and if you have a blogspot than you have a gmail account which means you have google reader and you didn't even know it. just google it and you'll see the wonder of it all!