Friday, July 18, 2008


Tonight, I am eating dinner by myself. This does not happen often; and when it does, it is a little overwhelming. There are so many things I like to eat that Brian does not share my enthusiasm for.

I bought a bagel today at the farmer's market, and after searching the fridge (which takes all of two minutes, as it is a snack-fridge), I decided to top it with brie and Trader Joe's ginger jelly. If you missed this sampling at Trader Joes, let me tell you, you really missed out. The tangy jelly pairs perfectly with the savory brie. Put it on crackers, put it on fruit, put it on Melba toast. It's yummy! Everyone I have served it to loves it.

Everyone except Brian, that is.

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Sarah said...

I did miss that tasting. I'll have to check it out. Alone. It sounds like something Zeb would gag at.