Friday, July 25, 2008


I think that Brian and I are finally beginning to take on some of those day trips I wanted to be a part of this "moving to Boston" deal. I understand that September thru May is reserved soley for that degree. But it's been summer for eight weeks now! There's less summer left than we've lived through so far! (Breathe, breathe, it's not over yet...)

Last weekend, we took our first day trip. We went out to two of the most accessible Boston Harbor Islands: Georges Island and Spectacle Island. The ferry ride was refreshing; the flora was unlike anything I've seen on the West Coast; and the hiking was not worthy of being so called. Overall, though it was just so fun to be someplace other than Boston!

In fact, it was so much fun that we're doing it again. This time, though, we're going to be a little more ambitious - we're leaving the state. Ever since Brian found out that the commuter rail (which is much cheaper than Amtrak!) runs all the way to Providence, Rhode Island, he's been saying we should go. So, tomorrow it is. He has printed out maps and bus schedules; and should you happen to be on the 10:05 Train to Providence, you'll find us on board.


Cherie said...

Ah, well, this is a wonderful find. Melanie has a blog!

I love the photo of you two, enjoying summer in a new and amazing place. I am eager to learn how your next adventure turns out.

I hope you keep up this blog, Melanie. I know I for one will be a regular reader.

Melanie said...

Cherie -

Thanks so much for the post! I'm glad you found it and am glad to know you're reading.

I don't read your blog often, but I always enjoy your posts on Marianne & Summer's blog!