Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snowy Winter

We have been having a very snowy winter! Normal snowfall for Boston is just over 40 inches. So far, we've had 70 inches, and there's snowfall in the forecast for this evening, Tuesday, Thursday, ... We have to make it to 107 to break the record, but it looks to me like we're well on our way!

Winter weather brings an irresistable need to take pictures, and I've taken my share this winter. Here are a few of my favorites:

(Can you tell that's a picnic table?)

... and some icicle photos for my dad:


Robby said...

Thanks for the snow photos. Brr!

yellowinter said...

oy. what a winter it has been! for sure. i keep wishing i had a camera with me too. alas i usually have one kid in my arm and holding the other's hand. :) glad you've taken these pics. love the one of gate (is it boston commons?)

Anonymous said...

hi melanie, what is your email address? i would love to email you!mine is
we will be near you in april, would love to see you!!!
~melissa holmquist