Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brian's Diagnosis

Once again this year, my birthday has come and gone, and my generous family and friends have showered me with gifts related to my expressed interests. Yesterday, I was looking over all these treasures, and sighing to Brian that, while I am excited about all these gifts, they all contribute to new hobbies: bread cookbooks, a pastry mat, and a picture book of wholecloth quilts. Don't I have enough hobbies - cooking ... stamp collecting ... tatting ... tap dancing ... tea ... crosstitching ... reading literature ... growing herbs - already? I haven't mastered these old hobbies yet! In fact, I've hardly put any time into them lately! What am I thinking embarking on new hobbies?

Hearing my sigh, Brian explained: Having all these hobbies is understandable - I merely have a meta-hobby of collecting hobbies. Thanks, Brian - another one to add to that list!


Sarah said...

Perhaps hobbies are like old clothes - if you haven't pursued them in a while time to put them away and get new ones!

Melanie said...

Yeah - I can't say I'm terribly good at getting rid of old clothes either. But then, I don't acquire new clothes as often as I do new hobbies!