Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Rehersal

Last weekend we flew to Oregon for a wedding. I'd love to show you pictures from it, but I was so rapt that I didn't get any. However, the night before, I noticed that no one was taking pictures of the rehersal, so I ran and got my camera and took some pictures of the preparations. Their location was my grandparents' farm, a place that we all love to visit.





My aunt got some great pictures of the wedding. If you want to see them, you can go to my facebook page and look for the picture I was tagged in by AJ.

Sunday was fabulous too. My friend Camille was in town for a different wedding, so we met for coffee at the crack of dawn before she flew back to Texas. Then another friend dropped by to say hi and bring me an awesome gift she knew I'd love - crazy looking spanish chestnuts from her back yard. At church we briefly visited with so many people with whom we wish we still lived in the same town. And then to top it off, we had lunch with the family to help celebrate sister-in-law Erin's 21st birthday!


meg said...

I totally saw the back of your head during church and didn't get to say hi in person. So sorry I missed you.

Aly sun said...

Fun! I love weddings. I am a wee bit miffed that you didn't take any pictures, but I'll go scope out AJ's FB and see what I can find. Your baby brother getting married is such a big deal! Where did the time fly?

yellowinter said...

it looks lovely, the stage and the decorations. so glad that you were able to do a lot in short period of time.