Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Task for the Day

Growing up on the west coast, I never really understood the concept of packing up one season's clothes and pulling out another's. I mean, is the wardrobe really that different? And why go to all the trouble when it all fits in your dresser?

That was before I moved to Boston where two things changed:

1) The seasons became drastically different. In the summer, one definitely wants sandals and spaghetti straps. In the winter, one cannot do without the down coat and wool socks.

2) Space became very limited. My dresser cannot hold everything. Not to mention that our closet is five feet wide - total.

So, the task for the day is to open my drawers, decide what should be kept for next season and what I'll never wear, pull out those boxes in the closet and under the bed, and make the switch. All with a cup of tea, because let me tell you - it's cold here!


meg said...

what a glorious task! It's like going shopping...but with pieces you already love at your fingertips.

btw...your 5 foot closet would feel like a dream for me right now! apparently when people built houses in 1950, they didn't need a lot of closet space, perhaps I need to become a seasonal dresser as well.

Melanie said...

Meg - Apparently when people built houses in 1910, they needed NO closets! You should do what someone did in our apartment: cut a corner out of the room and make it into a closet. Better yet, cut out a corner with a window in it. (We can see the window from our living room, but there's no window in the back of our closet!)

meg said...

ahh, alas. then you're taking away precious living space, and I know you know what a commodity that is...I saw your kitchen photos!