Saturday, October 11, 2008

An evening at Harvard

Last night, I did something I haven't done for about 25 years. That's right, I was pretty young last time. So young, in fact, that mostly my memories from the first time consist of wanting what all the vendors were hawking - the glowy sticks and the cotton candy. I can't remember if my parents bought us any of it. Probably not. But I think our cousins, who we were there with, got it all.

The common experience separated by 25 years? I attended an ice skating show! It was An Evening with Champions at Harvard's hockey rink.

This time, I went with a new Boston friend Kelly. The event was a little more casual than seeing Disney on Ice in Portland, so she brought her three month old baby. And there were no vendors.

The skaters were very good, but at first when I read down the program list, I was a little disappointed. No Kristie Yamagutchi, Bryan Boytano, or Scott Hamilton. I didn't recognize any of the names! But then the program started, and the skaters were introduced, and I realized that for the most part, these are champions we should be looking for in the coming years, not already made household names. There was seventeen year old Brittney Rizo. There was national junior champion Adam Rippon. And there was something I've never heard of before, but was very cool to watch: synchronized skating.

It was a fun evening, spent holding Kelly's baby and cheering on skaters of all ages.


Tammy White said...

I remember the Disney on Ice also - remember those cool glow sticks or necklaces that everyone had and we got there late - I remember finding our seats in the dark. : )

Trespasser said...

Never yet have I been to an ice show. I imagine that it's one of those sorts of things that you sneer at, declaring it to be for kids, then rave about for weeks afterwards when you go and learn how beautiful and complicated it really is. Remind me sometime to tell you a funny story involving me, my friend Bjorn and Oksana Baiul. And her bodyguard.

Melanie said...

You remember that, Tammy? Then I must not have been quite as young as I thought I was. I had forgotten about getting there late, but now that you say it, you're right.

Sarah said...

Mel, I heard the term synchronized skating in the last week and have wondered and wanted to see it. Is that what they were doing?
Also, you really should ask my brother about that story with Oksana Baiul. It's super funny.

meg said...

awesome. It's funny that when you said you went to see ice skaters, I immediately listed the same stars of years past in my head too!