Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Bedroom

Continuing the tour of our apartment, I took pictures of our bedroom today. There were no clothes piled anywhere and sunlight was streaming in the window, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity.

Here is the room with me standing just outside the doorway:

Once again, I have on the wide-angle lens, so this room looks a little bigger than it actually feels. But for some perspective, our bed is a queen sized bed, and there is a narrow walkway on each side - about 12" on the left and maybe 18" on the right. To the left you can see just over half of our 5' wide closet (where there used to be a second window. I guess I'm glad to have the closet.)

As for what is between me and the bed, take a look at this picture from the other direction:

Here you can see there is a walkway between the doorway and our bed. The door on the left leads to the fire escape. I know - it probably shouldn't be blocked. I console myself with the fact that at least it's only being blocked by a lightweight cart on wheels and not by a dresser, which is what the last tenants had in front of it. (!) And yes, that is a bookshelf on top of Brian's dresser. We ran out of bookshelf space in our living room, so we picked up that bookshelf on Craigslist a month or two ago. The only place to go is up. And with 10 foot ceilings, we have plenty of space up there!

If you click on the picture, you can see through the bedroom door. To the left is the kitchen, Brian is sitting at our dining table (you can just see his elbow) correcting essays, and behind him is a sliver of our front door.

That makes two rooms down, two to go!

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meg said...

i love the matching his and hers dressers...I'm still working on that one. Annnd, I love your suction cup necklace holders, clever.