Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Glove Seasons

Today we passed from wool-glove-season to leather-glove-season.

Yesterday, it was nippy in the morning, but it warmed up in the afternoon. I ate lunch outside with a friend, and we were basking in the sun. Today, the sky never brightened above grey. It's snowing in upstate New York.

There is one benefit to living in a place that has five months of cold: one learns the different variations of winter. And one has good justification to buy multiple pairs of gloves.

When we moved here, I really wanted a pair of wool gloves. I found a pair and happily wore them all through the fall. But come November, I realized wool gloves do not keep out the wind and the rain. So I gave up the wool gloves and bought myself a pair of leather gloves, although I really dislike leather gloves. Maybe I just didn't spend enough, but I find them cold and stiff. This winter, though, I'm looking forward to a third glove season.

When the rain turns to snow and the temperature drops below 30, I'm going to pull out my new moss green down gloves. These gloves are wind and rain proof, and they have a cozy fleece lining and down fill.

Ohhh - my nose may be cold, but my hands are going to be so happy!


Sarah said...

Those sound perfect, are they available at a major retail place where I could get some too? My favorites right now are fleece lined wool. They seem to be doing the trick for the moment.

Melanie said...

Hmmm... you might need some down gloves when you get to Philly, Sarah! I got the gloves at Eddie Bauer AND they were only $16.

yellowinter said...

melanie!!! i didn't know you have a blog! love finding fellow bloggers. :)
your down gloves sound quite heavenly actually. i was sad that it was sooooo nippy today. i may have to pull out that snowsuit for noah. :)