Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Give Up

That's it. I didn't think it would come to this, but it has. I'm giving up.

I got one thing done: my freezer once again has full capacity. For some reason, Brian and I always choose the apartments with refrigerators that have an internal freezer. You know, like the ones from the 60's? That means no self-defrosting function. So, every few months, I have to go reclaim the space in my freezer from the ice that never seems to care that I have other priorities for that space.

My fingers are so cold, I can barely type.

This finger freezing is on top of the fact that it's 47 degrees outside and heat still hasn't begun to course through our radiators. I'm not sure what our indoor temperature is. My meat thermometer says 69 degrees. Can those things read air temperature?

Which brings me to give up on my other to-do items.

Well, sorta.

It didn't make my list, but watching Foyle's War has been on my list of things to do for about 5 weeks now, ever since I got it from the library - and every time I renew it.

I think it's time to tackle that task, accompanied by a blanket and something hot, of course!


sufferingsummer said...

Foyle's War is our Favorite...wish we had a new episode or two for tonight...that sounds just about perfect.
We are simmering soup on the stove, waiting for the bread to rise so we can bake it...a new recipe... molasses...mmmm...and rearranging the furniture.again. Not getting much accomplished per say but a good day none the less.
Have fun checking that Foyle's War off your to do list:)

Sarah said...

Yeah! We don't have heat this weekend either, and it's finally decided to become winter. The thermostat inside says 55 degrees. I would never tackle something like the freezer without the radiators on, you're brave! We're about to use the down comforter to make a movie bearable. Hope you have a good evening!

deanna said...

I do hope your fingers thawed and you could relax. :o)

Robby said...

Like Deanna, I hope your fingers thawed!

Did you like Foyle's War? Ron and I liked the stories a lot, and I liked the historical information on the DVDs.