Sunday, August 9, 2009

How do you make your garden grow?

I love growing my own herbs. The flavor of fresh herbs simply doesn't compare to dried ones, and herbs right outside the door are always fresh and so much cheaper than buying them when you need them.

Last year I planted herbs on our back porch. It's not an ideal location. I have to move our computer printer cart to get to the door, and the porch is full shade. Nevertheless, they were out there for my enjoyment until they withered up and died mid-summer. I've never had much of a green thumb: things I grow are probably better described as surviving.

Not one to give up without trying, though, once again this year, I planted basil, cilantro, and parsley on the porch. However, given the mid-season death of the plants last year, I haven't tried very hard to keep them alive. In fact, I've completely forgotten about them a few times. All in all, I think I've watered them five times so far this summer. The other day I remembered them with a start and went out to water them, and this is what I found:

Wow! They're alive and they look great! Except for the cilantro, which I think died the day after I planted it.

On the other hand, I have no self-illusions about the sudden acquiring of a green thumb. This summer has been particularly cool and rainy, which I think has compensated for my inattention.


Sarah said...

I'm impressed! Did you plant them from seeds? Also, I don't remember a porch at your house, where is it?

meg said...

wow, I'm impressed to. We've watered our garden practically every evening, except the few days it rained. Are they in a shady or full sun spot cause that could make a difference too.

Melanie said...

Sarah - no, I planted them from nursery starts. I tried doing them from seeds our first year being married, and all I grew was mold.

The "porch" is our fire escape, and the door is through our bedroom.

Meg - They're in the shade which is not supposed to be good for herbs!

yellowinter said...

they look absolutely beautiful! and yummy! :) i bought a pot of mint the other day. i should have left them outside too because i found them all dried up few days later because i completely forgot about them! :( :) we'll see how my container garden dream for next summer will be...