Thursday, May 21, 2009

Old Friends

One might think that moving 3,000 miles away from where one grew up would not be conducive to reconnecting with old friends. However, I have found the opposite to be true. The east coast is a magnet of people, and over the last two years, I have gotten to see several who were close friends at one point in my life.

No one reader will recognize all these faces (since Brian does not read my blog), but still I have been so happy to reconnect with these people that I wanted to share them with you all who are my new friends.


Two years ago, Therese and her husband were God-sends when they drove to Boston to help us move into our apartment. I met Therese at a summer music camp when I was a junior in high school, and we wrote letters for many years, but then lost touch during college. However, about a year after we got married, right before we found out we were moving to New England, she pursued a current address for me and found me again. We have since enjoyed their hospitality at their home in the country.


Chara is my oldest friend in the world. My earliest memory of her is, as a five year old, hiding with her in a closet at church while our parents walked through the halls calling for us. She had a fabulous imagination, and I was more than willing to follow. Unfortunately, I have spent far too little time with her since we have grown out of our childish ways. She has become wise and sympathetic as a loving wife and an energetic mother of three. Last year while planning a trip to the DC area, I wrote her to ask if I could introduce her to Brian and if she would introduce me to her boys. She graciously invited us over for dinner.


My closest friend at the high school summer music camp was Lisa, but we only kept up a friendship by letter for a year after returning home. My memories of Lisa are of laughing until my stomach hurt and of being so impressed with how smart she was. It seemed like she knew something about everything we talked about (sort of like that guy I married). I got to see her again last week when she and her husband came to Boston to attend the performance of a piece of music her husband wrote. And she's as smart and funny as I remember her being!


Then yesterday, I jumped on a bus to New York for a chance to see my dear college friend Flavia. It was wonderful to see her and to get to catch up on what she's been doing for the last three years in Brazil, but this friendship is too close to be merely a sweet reunion. The short hours made me deeply miss the days of being roommates when the everyday brought out her enthusiasm for life.

I'd love to live in the same town as any of these people again, although I don't foresee that happening. But, who knows? Given where my life has gone so far, surprises may be in store for me. But more likely, I'll just go on meeting new people who I will enjoy reuniting with in the future.


Sarah said...

We've found the same to be true! Everyone seems to have business in this area at one time or another so we're constantly getting to see friends and family and renew relationships. I love it!

yellowinter said...

perhaps, one day we will be visiting you in the west coast! :) it's wonderful that you still keep in touch with such old friends. makes me a bit wistful... :)