Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some Old Pictures (doesn't that sound exciting?)

It's Sunday, and if you've been keeping track, Sunday seems to be my day for putting up a blog post. However, there hasn't been anything forming into a blog post in my mind lately. Not to say there hasn't been a lot rattling around in there. Just nothing I'm ready to let come out yet. I know, Sarah - one of my faults.

Friday night, Brian took me to hear the Tallis Scholars. They are an a capella choir that sings Renaissance music. If that doesn't mean anything to you, you can watch them perform here:

They were amazingly beautiful sounding. We were in row Z, on the side behind a row of big marble pillars, so we couldn't see them at all. It didn't really matter, though, because I couldn't keep my eyes open. I wasn't falling asleep; I just didn't want to see anything.

OK, on to my old pictures.

When Tyler and Wendy were here, we went up to the highest point in Boston open to the public - the 50th Floor of the Prudential Tower. Brian and I love to look out over the city when we fly, but something about being up there was different. Maybe it was that we got time to look, and it was a little bit closer than being in an airplane.

When we first got up there and I ran around looking out all the windows, I was really struck by how big of a city we live in. Maybe the fact that we walk around it so much makes it feel small, but when you really look out over it all together, wow.

So, here are two - the first looking toward the bay and the second looking west. (I always have to think twice about cardinal directions here. The water being on our east side throws me off.)

And lastly, one at night (also looking .... west). We went at the perfect time - just before the sun set.


Sarah said...

I have noticed that Sundays you usually post, gives me something to look forward to on Monday. What about pics of you two and Tyler and Wendy?

Steph said...

I think I would have enjoyed that music!

We are in a different gardening zone than you, but a lot of the stuff at the market was either wintered-over sweet potatoes and sqash, from cold storage, or greens that folks had grown in hoop houses. :-)

Southern Touch Catering said...

The a capella music is inspiring! But, the sky view reminds me of being in the Sears Tower in Chicago when we once visited our daughter there. The views are so amazing. Seeing the world from a new perspective is exciting. We actually found her apartment.