Saturday, April 25, 2009

All Fixed Up

My parents visited us a week ago, and if you know my dad, that means that pretty much everything around our house is presently fixed.

There was one project I asked him if he could help me with before they came: I have an old wooden chair that was coming apart at the back/seat seam, and I asked him if he had any clamps he could fit in his suitcase. : ) Brian was shaking his head at me for asking (as if there was any chance the answer would be yes), but that's understandable: he's only been in the family for three years. I had a feeling my dad just might have some innovative tool to put it back together again. Well, he did. He risked bringing his band clamps in his carry-on, we bought some wood glue (a definite carry-on no-no), and the night they arrived my chair was back together in one piece again.

One evening, he was almost walking around looking for things to fix. Our counter has been lifted (it was sagging), our faucet aerator has been replaced, our toilet seat has been tightened, our air mattress has been patched, and our chronically plugged bathroom sink assessed (he told us what had to be done to fix it, but didn't take it on himself).

When I married Brian, I knew for sure that he was not a handy-man. He's pretty good at fixing computers, but I would either have to do the plumbing and gluing myself or hire someone. I guess I now know another option for getting our home projects fixed. Thanks, dad!


Aly sun said...

Handy to have a dad like that come to visit. Looks like fun!

deanna said...

It's interesting how those fix-it genes get distributed. My dad is not a handyman, but I married one. They truly like to go through a home and find the items needing help, and they tend to have the tools to help them. It's pretty cool.

Sarah said...

I could really use your dad around my house. That's great that he can do that for you!

yellowinter said...

sounds exactly like my dad and C. My dad actually gets all antsy if he doesn't have a project. Gotta love how good they are to their daughters! Praise God for them! :)