Saturday, February 7, 2009

Snow, Snow, and Snow

There's a legend that the Eskimos have 28 different words for snow, each one describing a little different type of the precipitation. Having now lived on two sides of the country, one of which gets a lot of the stuff, I can now see why!

On the west coast, for our annual snowfall, we usually had big, fat, heavy flakes that fell softly and covered the ground quickly. It was beautiful to watch coming down and ideal to play in - it packed for snowballs and snowmen and held its shape for snow angels and fox and goose trails.

When we moved here, I was so excited about living in a place where it snowed a lot. However, our first snowfall was quite disappointing. Flakes that were as small as dust started falling. I waited for the big, heavy ones to develop, but they never did. Rather, this powdery stuff so fine that you felt it would never build up kept coming down. Of course, there was enough of it to build up to several inches, but its powderiness kept it from packing well. The only thing you can do in it is kick up the freshly fallen stuff into white powdery puffs in front of you and listen to it squeak like cornstarch when you walk in it. "Dry snow" sounds like an oxymoron, but it's a good way to describe most of the snow that we get here.

However, earlier this week, we experienced a third kind of snow. When I saw it, I remembered it fell once last year too. This snow is the most beautiful snow I've ever seen. It has flakes about an eighth inch wide, which seem very flat because their whole surface reflects light. The effect is that when you look out at it, the flakes at the right angle to a light source glisten like crystals. As you walk, the falling and fallen snow sparkles from all directions. Walking home from work, I felt like I had stepped into a Disney movie. I didn't want to stop walking, except that I was so cold!

The effect is so dazzling that I wanted to share it with you. This picture sort of shows it, but, of course, being there yourself is so much better. Click on it to see the flakes better!


meg said...

holy geez. I've never seen snow like this, it's beautiful. thanks for sharing

deanna said...

Ooh, pretty.

Sarah said...

Oh goodness. I know exactly what you're talking about from the picture, it looks like candy or something it's so crisp and glittery and perfect! Stunning.

Steph said...

I love the fairy dust!!!

Pauline said...

Yes! I remember that night!! That was probably the 1st time since we moved here as well. Looked so beautiful and flaky...almost fake!

Teresa @ Southern Touch Catering said...

The snow does look like crystals! Thanks for sharing it with us. Those of us who live down south get ice! So the picture was a real treat.
Also, thanks for your visit. My favorite wedding dress was the last dress too, but the daughter's is the first one she is wearing. Although, she is still looking. I may end up having to make her one myself. As for the pictures with my first daughter we were told that we could not take pictures but this time they said as long as the dresses had pictures in books or on sale then we could.