Sunday, January 18, 2009


Both last weekend and today, we got big snowstorms here in Boston. Having just gotten a new camera for Christmas, I've been eager to take pictures of everything. So, here are a few pictures of snow in Boston:

After the snowstorm

After the snowstorm II

Chain link fence

Snow here is quite a different experience than snow in Oregon. The streets and sidewalks are cleared relatively quickly, and buckets of salt are in every entryway. However, having lots of snow around is not quite like you might imagine. Oh, it's glorious and white and clean and beautiful the first day, but then the plowers come and push it to the side along with all the city dirt and trash, and then the sanders come and spread gritty dirt all over the streets, and soon, it is quite a mess.

Last year, by mid-winter, I was really getting tired of the dirtiness of snow. Sand and water everywhere!

(I told you I was taking pictures of everything!)


Anonymous said...

the photos are good. I really liked the one of the bike.

Enjoy your new camera.

Marianne Elixir said...

I too love the bike picture. The bike looks so out of place.

sufferingsummer said...

Love the bike. Sounds just like is something I never really got used to. I was so excited when I'd wake up to a new snow to cover all those old nasty dirty piles again!
looks like you are having fun with your new camera! woo hoo!

Robby said...

Your snow pictures are incredible, Melanie. I, too, especially like the bike. Is that Brian's foot (the black, laced shoe) on the T?

Sarah said...

Oh yeah, that camera is working well.

Melanie said...

The bike was Brian's spy, but I was the one carrying the camera, so I got to claim it! Summer, yes. I've thought about you-guys's time in Wisc. several times since I've been here - I had no idea: the coldness, the grad school... And yes, Robby, you do recognize Brian's shoe!

Aly sun said...

Glad to see the photos. Aren't new cameras fun? Enjoy the snow while you can and then just endure it. There are still piles of snow in PDX and surrounding areas -- the piles look like dirt, they are black and so unlike the beautiful white mounds from a month ago.

Steph said...

Love, love, love that photo of the bike!