Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sunday-Sunday: A Week in Review

Reflecting on last week, it's hard to believe it only consisted of 168 hours! We have been so far and done so much.

It all began last Sunday when Brian's mom called to say his grandma had died that morning.

Although he is incredibly busy with end of the semester papers, he wanted to travel back for her funeral, which I was glad about. That afternoon, we bought him a ticket to fly to California.

Monday, I worked a full day and explained the situation to my office manager who was of the opinion that it's always nicer to go to such things together. So I bought a ticket that afternoon taking all the same flights. When I got home, I packed my rollerboard.

Tuesday morning we left at some ungodly hour. I don't remember when we got up. I just remember that I debated with Brian about what time we had to get up (I was taking the later position), and then I realized he was right. It was really early.

About noon, we arrived at San Jose International Airport, where Brian's mom met us. We proceeded to Terminal C where his dad and sister were arriving.

A few hours were spent visiting with family (some of whom I had never met). Then off to the hotel to shower and dress for the memorial service.

The service was sad and informative. There is always so much more to a life than the sliver you see.

We all slept well that night, exhausted.

Being one who doesn't like to miss opportunities, I contacted an old friend who had moved to the Bay Area about three years ago. She drove down to our hotel and we spent two hours Wednesday morning catching up on married life.

But one event we had travelled for was still to come. After Hannah left, I rushed upstairs to put on my party clothes so we could head toward the Los Gatos mansion where Brian's aunt was getting married.

After the ceremony and a very yummy dinner at a local Italian restaurant, we again retired to our hotel to spend the few remaining hours in one another's company. I beat Robby at Lost Cities (partially because she forgot some of the rules) while the others gave commentary that evening's episode of Deal or No Deal.

Once again, way too early in the morning Thursday we were back at the airport. We ate lunch in the O'Hare Airport food court and then boarded a 160 seat airplane with 27 other passengers. Apparently, Thanksgiving afternoon is not a popular time to travel.

We arrived home late Thursday evening. As we rode the T through deserted streets, we felt a little like we were missing something. After depositing our luggage, Brian walked out to find a little Thanksgiving cheer. Unfortunately, 7-11 carried neither cranberry jelly or egg nog.

Wanting to get in on a little Thanksgiving food, Friday I planned and shopped for a Thanksgiving meal.

Saturday I baked two pumpkin pies and cleaned house. I had invited a few Boston friends over to eat the pie in the evening.

Sunday, I went to church, and then came home to cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

When Brian asked me if we could do a full Thanksgiving dinner sometime during the weekend, I agreed - as long as he would help me wash dishes.

He held up his part of the bargain.

And that was our week in review.


Marianne Elixir said...

What a week! Hope this next one is full of sleep and leftovers.

Sarah said...

Wow, I wondered if you were going back for a funeral this week. Sounds like the trip was meaningful.

sufferingsummer said...

Crazy week! I'm so impressed that you cooked a full Thanksgiving meal, something I have yet to do after 9 years of marriage! Glad that you were able to attend with Brian, I'm sure it was a great comfort to have you there, and get some time with family too.

Janelle Rispler said...

That sounds exhausting, but how nice to be able to be with Brian's family for two important events. Was it Aunt Annette who got married?

Melanie said...

Janelle -
Yes, it was Annette.