Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Quiet Afternoon

This afternoon has been a quiet afternoon.

I have the candles lit and James Taylor's October Road on. The sun has just sunk, but enough light remains for me to see the wind blow around the last few leaves clinging to the trees.

I thought about making myself a cup of tea but haven't gotten around to it yet.

We're having dinner with some new friends this evening, so I'm not even worried about what we're eating this evening.

I baked a cake to take with us and the dishes are done. I put in a few loads of laundry, and they are almost done too. Maybe I'll pull out the ironing board and iron my husband's dress shirts. But maybe not.

I know that partly, this lack of activity comes from the fact that we are relative newcomers to this city, and thus we have fewer connections to make.

But I think it also comes from not having a car. I remember the noticable change to my life back in college when I got my own car. Suddenly, there were errands that had to be run and places that had to be visited. There was a new convenience to having a car. When something had to be done, it could just go be done. But there was also such an obligation. Because all that was required was jumping in the car, it all had to be done. When one must walk or take a bus, it all suddenly seems so unnecessary for living.

I look forward to the day when we will again have a car and also have family and friends in town, be that here in Boston or back in the northwest. But for right now, I am enjoying this change. I know the quietness that comes from change never lasts long.


Marianne Elixir said...

This sounds lovely, may your evening with new friends be peaceful as well!

Sarah said...

I had the same kind of afternoon yesterday, peaceful. I loved not having a car as well, it's a nice happy medium having one car to share now, essential stuff can get done, but it's not like I get complete access to unlimited transformation. If I did I would be pursuing waaay too many Craigslist finds. It's good to stay home more.

Steph said...

Another connection! I have a car, but we seldom drive it, relying on foot to get us most places. Your day sounds pretty grand.

sufferingsummer said...

that sounds just about perfect and reminds me a lot of Colin and I's early college days in Eugene...always meeting new people..boy am I glad we did;)
Now we share one car and other than the activities away from our neighborhood that Indy has we pretty much just pretend we don't have it and it works for the most part.