Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Day Results Math

Seven presidential election result days ago (each election being four years apart), a little boy was born in California. The story he says his mother tells is that she heard how the results were shaping up and, from disappointment that her preferred candidate was not winning, was sent in to labor.

That little boy would shortly thereafter move to Oregon, grow up, go to college, fall in love with me, and marry me.

Happy birthday, Brian!


deanna said...

That was the first year I voted (for the guy who didn't win).

Happy Birthday, Brian!

Robby said...

Sent me into labor two weeks early! But the results were great. Happy Birthday, Brian!

(Ironically, if that election were repeated, I would vote for the candidate who won that night before Brian was born.)

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Brian!

Trespasser said...

Okay, tell this husband of yours that he needs to have a blog himself, so we can congratulate him personally. As it stands, please pass my well wishes on to him. Thanks! Are you going back to Oregon for any holidays?