Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Kitchen

Last weekend, Brian and I packed up our kitchen and moved it to our bedroom so we could use a fogger to try to rid our space of some pesky little creatures that show their heads from time to time.

As a result, my kitchen was looking particularly clean, so I decided to take some pictures to show you, since most of you have never been here and probably never will.

Here is one from the doorway, looking in:

And another from the pass-through (right next to the doorway) looking in:

(These pictures amuse me because I am using a wide-angle lens, so the room looks quite large. It is surely adequate, but by no means spacious! The room is seven feet wide from wall to wall and five and a half feet deep. Thirty-eight square feet. I challenge anyone to beat that!)

For the most part, I really like my kitchen. The pass-through makes it feel open and a part of the rest of the apartment. Everything I want in it fits nicely and is fairly well organized and easy to reach. I love having the dishes setting out, and I love the combined handiness and beauty of that silver wire rack on the back wall. I love the spice cabinet from Janelle, and the colorful aprons hanging in the corner. I love that there is a bookshelf in my kitchen with the bottom shelf full of cookbooks. I also love the pink ribbon tied around the brown curtain (which I point out here because you can barely see it).

However, there are a few things that this kitchen skimps on. For example, did you see our fridge? Oh, you didn't see our fridge? Look again:

It's on the right - peeking out from under the counter.

I plan very carefully when going to the grocery store. There is no "What a great sale! I'll buy an extra [enter refrigerated item here]"! And need I say it? The freezer inside this thing is wimpy. Even if the freezer door wasn't falling off, I don't think anything would stay frozen.

The other thing I'd take in my kitchen is a little more counter space. Like, enough space to roll out a batch of cinnamon rolls or a pie crust on.

Now, in the interest of fair disclosure, having a small counter does have its advantages! For example, one always has to do the dishes before starting a new project, so the mess never becomes overwhelming. On the other hand, though, one always has to do the dishes before starting a new project; and by the time one is done with the dishes, one doesn't really feel like starting a new project. Thus, overall, a small counter is disadvantageous: because it cuts down on inspiration. And because it keeps us from eating pies and cinnamon rolls.

So, that's our kitchen, along with what I like about it and what I don't. Thanks for visiting!

Stay tuned for next week, when we'll visit: The Living Room.

Or maybe not. It's a mess.


Deanna said...

I've been lurking on your blog. So I'll reveal myself to tell you I'm glad to read your words and see your kitchen. Definitely cute. :o)

Robby said...

I think you have done a great job with a very small space--and I have seen it in person. And I know what you mean about the rack--it is both beautiful and functional.

Sarah said...

Oh, it's looking so nice, much better than when I saw it last! :)
I am very curious about the living room, in my mind its just walls of boxes...

Melanie said...

Deanna - Thanks for reading & letting me know you're there!

Sarah - Yeah - that's why I'm not showing you the living room...yet. Maybe when the boxes are gone.

I'm surprised you didn't take me up on the sq. ft. challenge! I figured if anyone could beat me, it might be you. I THINK you have fewer cabinets in your kitchen than we do.

Cindy said...


Your kitchen is officially smaller than anything Chris and I ever lived with--even in Santa Barbara, which probably had a cost of living equal to that around Boston. WOW is all I can really say!